Services : Granny Flats

Our granny flat is the absolute option to augment the functionality of your backyard. It will help you accommodate a growing family or to increase potential returns on your investments. We come up with the right workmanship, knowledge and advanced tools and technologies to provide you with a granny flat that will be a smart, versatile and cost effective way to meet your specific needs.

We ceaselessly take up the comprehensive service starting from designing, council approval, construction through to lock-up and interior finish. Throughout our process we abide by all the highest standard Australian rules and regulation.

The Australian regulations include:

  • Size limits for granny flats, in terms of square meters per block or property
  • You are generally free to build a granny flat in any area, but check with your local council to be sure
  • Plots must not be subdivided in the process of constructing a granny flat
  • Only one granny flat per block
  • Granny flats are generally not allowed to be built on a dual occupancy block
  • Granny flats can be standalone units or attached to the main building
  • They must meet the requirements set out in the Building Code of Australia
  • They must meet local planning controls or Development Application consent must be sought